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Creating a More Accessible Solar Grid through Community Solar with Camelia Miu of Nautilus Solar

Community solar allows households to tap into a local shared solar farm and see savings on their electric bill. This spreads the cost and enables a broader consumer audience to enjoy the benefits of greening the grid.

Camelia Miu is the Chief Financial Officer of Nautilus Solar Energy, a leading owner-operator of community solar projects throughout the United States. Nautilus Solar has been in the solar industry since 2006 and, through its Community Solar initiative, is making solar energy available to a broader marketplace in the Northeast and Midwest US.

Camelia has over 15 years of experience working in the renewable energy industry. Before joining Nautilus, she held positions as Vice President of Project Finance and Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at SoCore Energy.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Camelia joins Tim Montague to explain what Nautilus Solar is, their business model, what makes Nautilus stand out from other community solar developers, and much more.

Camelia describes her role at Nautilus and how her experience in accounting and finance has helped her there.

Listen in to understand what you stand to gain as a consumer when subscribing to community solar and how Nautilus solar is making community solar happen.

Key Takeaways
1. How Camelia got into the renewable energy industry?
2. What makes Nautilus stand out from other community solar developers?
3.What does the Nautilus’ future in solar look like?
4. Camelia’s role at Nautilus
5. What goes into financing solar projects in 2022?
6. What do you stand to gain as a consumer when subscribing to community solar?

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