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When I started the Clean Power Hour (formerly Solar Podcast) in 2017 my aim was simple: educate potential customers, developers, energy professionals, land owners and facility owners about the benefits of solar. In 2018 we started doing interviews with solar developers (like Eric Pasi and Nobel Chang of Palladium), financiers (Marc Palmer, Jigar Shah), and Manufacturers (Chint Power Systems; Tigo Energy; Enzinc; Mangrove Lithium; Dome Energy; Cubic PV; Hyperlight).

We now have a loyal following of energy professionals, developers, engineers, designers, installers and financiers who get our weekly audio/video interviews plus weekly live clean energy new roundups with myself and my co-host John Weaver, PV Magazine journalist and solar professional. We have bootstrapped the production of the pod/youtube channel since day one and now I'm seeking a select group of top tier solar and storage companies to help us take the Clean Power Hour to the next level. Our sponsorship program has just launched so you are the early bird...please book a short call here and I'll share the investment opportunities with you and answer your questions about how the Clean Power Hour can bring your brand to the energy professionals you sell to and do business with every day!


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