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Jan. 12, 2022

Matt Lensink & Lisa Katz on Cleaning Up Thermal Power Ep.68

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We don't spend a lot of time talking about thermal energy on the Clean Power Hour, but it’s a thing! And a lot of industrial and institutional processes require high-grade thermal power. We need it to heat hospitals and university campuses, for example, or to power food and beverage manufacturing plants. So, what can we do to accelerate the decarbonization of thermal energy?

Matt Lensink and Lisa Katz are the CEO and Director of Business Development & Marketing, respectively, at CEM Engineering, a thermal power consulting firm specializing in cogeneration and energy management solutions. CEM is committed to cleaning up thermal power throughout North America, helping clients implement the best technology-based solutions to achieve their energy cost savings and CO2 reduction targets. Matt and Lisa also serve as hosts of the popular Energy Radio Podcast.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Matt and Lisa join Tim to explain why it’s crucial to clean up thermal power and how CEM is evolving into the renewable energy space. They describe how carbon tax increases are driving positive change and discuss their new partnership with Absolicon to advance solar-thermal energy applications. Listen in for Matt and Lisa’s insight around the hydrogen-based technology projects being considered in Canada right now and learn about the different energy technologies we’re using to decarbonize thermal power.

Key Takeaways

CEM’s commitment to cleaning up thermal power and why it’s important

Why CEM is evolving into the renewable energy space

The increasing interest in biogas, biomass and RNG energy technologies

How Canada’s carbon tax increase to $170 per tonne by 2030 is driving positive change

The electric heat pumps and boilers, solar-thermal and hydrogen-based technologies being used to decarbonize thermal power

CEM’s new partnership with Absolicon to produce advanced solar collectors

Why CEM is involved in so many different energy sectors

Matt & Lisa’s insight on the hydrogen projects being considered in Canada

The feasibility of using existing natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen power 

What energy technologies food and beverage manufacturers will use moving forward

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