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Dec. 14, 2021

Hydrogen is The Fuel of The Future! with Joseph Alfred, Ally Power Inc.

Hydrogen is The Fuel of The Future! with Joseph Alfred, Ally Power Inc.
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#64 Joe Alfred is the founder and CEO of Ally Power Inc. This hydrogen startup is based in Washington DC. Ally is developing a boiler system that produces hydrogen from aluminum and sodium hydroxide.  

Hydrogen is in the cleantech news most every day now. Lots of big industrial companies including oil majors are getting into the H2 economy because they understand that there is no future for fossil fuels and there will be stranded assets. 

Today on the Clean Power Hour, we're joined by Joe Alfred

This chemical reaction also produces heat (exothermic) which can be used in parallel to produce steam and drive a steam turbine to produce electricity. The outputs are hydrogen gas which you store as compressed gas or a solid-state metal hydride, and electricity from the steam turbine. Ally is going to market with a two-pronged approach. First, they are developing a network of hydrogen fueling stations for long-haul trucking, and second, they are retrofitting diesel trucks with a hydrogen fuel cell power plant converting traditional ICE trucks to EVs that run on ‘clean’ hydrogen. Either way the hydrogen fuel cell EV looks to have a promising future in long-haul trucking (not so much for consumer vehicles, which we explain). Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that this seems rather complicated and I’d rather see someone taking pure water (H20) and using an electrolyzer to make hydrogen gas and oxygen from which you can do all the same things with the hydrogen. But according to Alfred, there is an excess supply of sodium hydroxide and scrap aluminum. So Ally is going after the circular economy and taking these feedstocks and greening long-haul trucking and transportation. 

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