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April 28, 2021

World's Largest Rooftop PV Array | Clean Power Hour Ep.15

World's Largest Rooftop PV Array | Clean Power Hour Ep.15
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Largest Rooftop Solar Project - 18 MW in Netherlands
Sunrun - Vivant merger closes making the combined company 25 percent of the residential solar market
King coal is falling to Crown Prince solar and storage 
Two companies - Nextera and 8Minute Energy - have nearly 100 GW of wind, solar and storage in the pipeline

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'The king of electricity’: Solar outshines other power sources, “cheapest electricity in history”
Solar-plus-storage replaces coal plant in New Mexico, makes carbon-capture retrofit moot
Almost 100 GW from 8minute & NextEra
Next2Sun - vertical solar racking with bifacial - cool picture here: - Solar+hay harvest in the first cut, silage harvest in the second cut, & supplemented by animal grazing - '4.1 MWp, 14 hectares. ~11,000 n-type PERT bifacial 380W solar modules, Jolywood, 5,800 vertical racks from @Next2Sun'
'builder Array Technologies is going public on the Nasdaq exchange and has set its IPO terms. The world’s No. 2 tracker builder plans to raise $675 million by offering 33.8 million shares at a price range of $19 to $21'
Floating solar nearing price parity with land-based US solar
CleanTechnica: DOE Says Combining Floating Solar With Hydroelectric Could Provide 40% Of The World’s Energy Needs. ←-
18 mw of rooftop solar! Largest Rooftop Solar System in Europe Goes Online … on Audi Factory.
Check out my twitter images extracted from file - (east west racking, cool looking combiner/inverter section, gigantic…each subection of modules is a soccer field)
Solar Land use image - we could power 100% electricity with less land used than coal alone
Model Y structural battery

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