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May 3, 2021

We Don't Have Time | Ocean Hydro Power | Epic HVDC | Module Tech Advances | BIPV | Clean Power Hour Ep.42

We Don't Have Time | Ocean Hydro Power | Epic HVDC | Module Tech Advances | BIPV | Clean Power Hour Ep.42
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There’s a new social media platform to stop climate chaos - "We don’t have time" by Ingmar Rentzhog
Unions getting behind Biden’s jobs act plans
Solar+wind powered hydrogen space rockets in Australia
World’s largest ocean turbine - that looks like a Starwars X-Wing fighter
Connecting solar from Morocco to the UK at 6.7 cents per kWh - Epic HVDC

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EP 42 - April 27, 2021

Today on the Solar Podcast Ep. 42 (Apr. 28, 2021)
New social media for good… we don't have time 

***World’s largest water turbine - looks like a spaceship from Star Wars

***Project of the week - first solar power project in New Bedford historical region. Black panels, internal wiring, nothing visible from street level
***Hydrogen-powered space rockets are coming to Queensland
***Submarine cable to connect 10.5 GW wind-solar complex in Morocco to the UK grid
“Xlinks is planning to inject power into the UK for a CfD price of around £0.048 ($0.067)/kWh, which would be a bit more than around £0.040/kWh for current off-shore wind tenders and much less than the £0.0925/kWh for the controversial Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant”

***FirstEnergy used customer money to bribe politicians to screw over customers.

***Volvo Group Q1 2021 sold fully Electric Vehicles:

***A tweet from the Ohio AFLCIO union showing support for Biden’s clean energy plans. Other unions have said similarly - this is cool.
Fraunhofer ISE achieves 35.9% efficiency for III-V triple-junction solar cell based on silicon

History tweet -Happy birthday silicon solar cells!
Bell Labs unveiled the world's 1st practical silicon solar cell, developed by Fuller, Chapin & Pearson #OTD 1954. This first PV cell was only 4% efficient & cost $286/W.
Plus cool video that shows scientists hand manufacturing solar cells:

BIPV solar panel - interesting part is where they offer the standard 30 year power production warranty, but offer a 50 year building material warranty

Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled legislation that would invest $25 billion to convert the nation’s fleet of gasoline- and diesel-powered school buses to electric vehicles, building on a component of President Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to improve children’s health.


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