Speeding the Energy Transition

Yoann Hispa, CEO of LandGate | Building a Marketplace for Solar Developers #104

Historically, it has been challenging for solar and wind developers to find an appropriate parcel of land, conduct an accurate valuation, and then make contact with the landowner.

But now there is a marketplace for land resources where developers can go to find parcels that meet their buy criteria and connect with landowners who want to get a deal done.

Yoann Hispa is Founder and CEO of LandGate, a data intelligence platform and marketplace for land and its resources.

An experienced entrepreneur in the energy and real estate space, Yoann built LandGate to make land and land resource deals more efficient for landowners, developers, real estate agents and investors.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Yoann joins Tim to explain how LandGate functions as the Zillow of land resources, helping landowners understand the potential in leasing to solar and wind developers.

Yoann describes LandGate’s valuation tools, discussing how the platform helps its developer and investor subscribers identify hot and high-value leads.

Listen in for insight on LandGate’s success in attracting investors of its own and learn how its marketplace can help you develop renewables projects and accelerate the clean energy transition.

Key Takeaways

How making land resource deals more efficient inspired the creation of LandGate
How LandGate functions as the Zillow of land resources
How landowners benefit from using the LandGate resource valuation tools
How LandGate provides its developer, investor and private equity subscribers with hot leads
What Yoann’s team is doing to raise awareness of LandGate among landowners
Why LandGate focuses on serving real estate agents that specialize in land
How developers can use LandGate to identify parcels that fit their buy criteria
The hot and high-value leads available to developers through the LandGate marketplace
How much landowners can earn by leasing to energy developers for solar and wind projects
How the energy market has evolved over the last 7 years in favor of renewables
LandGate’s success in attracting investors like NextEra and Kimmeridge
The onboarding process for integrating LandGate’s API with other applications