Speeding the Energy Transition

What Rising Energy Prices Mean for Renewables with Michael Decaluwe of Nania Energy | #90

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The cost of energy is on the rise here in the US and around the world.

What’s behind the drastic increase in costs? Why are some markets more expensive than others? And how do rising energy rates create an opportunity for renewables?

Michael Decaluwe is Senior Vice President at Nania Energy, an energy advisement company that helps organizations in deregulated markets meet their cost and sustainability goals. To date, Nania’s team of 20 serves nearly 6,000 customers in 28 states across the country.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Michael joins Tim to discuss the landscape of energy markets in the US, walking us through the regulatory and logistical factors driving the drastic increase in prices in the California, New England and New York markets.

Michael reminds us what was happening in energy markets during the economic crisis of 2008, describing how current circumstances compare and why today’s market differs from any we’ve seen before.

Listen in for insight on the evolution of energy markets over the last 10 years and learn how rising energy prices give renewables an environmental and economic advantage over fossil fuels.

Key Takeaways

How Nania Energy Advisors helps organizations minimize their energy bills

The regulatory and logistical factors driving the drastic increase in energy prices in the California, New England and New York markets

How customers were ‘spoiled’ by decreasing energy rates every year since 2011

How the transition away from natural gas impacts energy costs

How Nania helps commercial industrial businesses de-risk their position in energy markets

How the current energy market deviates from traditional cycles of inflation and deflation

What happened to energy markets in 2008 and how current circumstances compare

How rising energy prices create an opportunity for renewables

Which Nania customers are proactively asking for renewables and which ones remain at the ‘conversation stage’