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The Next Generation of Energy Professionals with Michael Wood, Cleantech Podcaster EP 131

Welcome to the Clean Power Hour! On today’s show, we are joined by fellow energy podcaster Michael Wood III, a Duke University Student and host of the Energy-Terminal podcast. The Energy-Terminal podcast is a media platform with a mission to build the next generation of energy leaders and to catalyze youth involvement in energy.

Michael Wood III launched his podcast in January of 2022 and in December 2022 he won Duke’s Clean Energy Prize for his efforts to build the next generation of leaders to advance the energy transition. The Energy Terminal podcast, which has published over 20 episodes to date, features Duke students’ conversations with energy experts who reflect on their career pathways and share advice. The students also publish a weekly newsletter, weekly reading lists, and regular social media posts on hot energy topics, and blog posts with students’ insights on the energy transition.

Michael Wood III is a senior engineering student at Duke University studying Mechanical Engineering with certificates in Energy and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He has previously worked for two energy startups in Texas and interned with bp’s Innovation & Engineering group in Summer 2022.

Today Michael joins Tim Montague to talk about why and how he got interested in energy, and how to convince people to make the energy transition faster. We discuss how young people think about climate change and the energy transition, the Energy Terminal podcast performance, guests and audience reaction to the content and much more.

Key Takeaways
1. Why and how Michael got interested in Energy?
2. Ways people can be convinced to make the energy transition faster.
3. What are the thoughts of young people about Climate Change and the energy transition?
4. The Energy Terminal podcast, guests, audience reaction to the content and what the future holds for the show
5. How Michael convinces people about the energy transition?
6. What the Emerging Leaders Program is and who is eligible to apply
7. The challenges young people face when trying to join the clean energy industry