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The $100 Trillion Cleantech Opportunity | Tim Montague, Clean Power Consulting Group

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Tim Montague, is a cleantech expert, coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience in technology, sustainability and triple bottom line business. He is also host and creator of the popular Clean Power Hour podcast. He’s helped dozens of technology entrepreneurs and companies grow for the greater good.

Today: Why Cleantech is THE Economic Opportunity of Our Lifetimes
Montague reviews the problems we face from our reliance on fossil fuels: harm to human health, national security risk, and climate chaos. The opportunity is that we have 40 gigatons of C02 to remove from the annual economy in order to get to net zero, and then we also need to remove hundreds (perhaps over 1,000 gigatons) of additional gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere; we have dumped 2.5 trillion tons of C02e since 1750 into the atmosphere.

This is a massive economic opportunity for renewable energy (solar, wind and battery/energy storage), electrification and decarbonization of transportation and everything (buildings, industry, manufacturing of steel, aluminum, glass, and concrete) and innovating in carbon capture and storage.

More about Mr. Montague
He tripled the headcount at Sorrento Networks in the early 2000’s. He consulted with Apple and Yahoo during the era of web 1.0 and he achieved YOY doubling of revenue for Continental Energy Solutions in Chicago. And he’s a trusted advisor to manufacturers like Build Equinox, Simmons Knife and Saw, and Minerallac - helping them reduce their carbon footprint. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how he can help your company or your career achieve breakthrough growth.
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