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Renewable Energy as Real Estate with Joe Tassone Jr., Founder of onCORE Origination; Ep 129

Welcome to the Clean Power Hour! On today’s show, we are joined by Joe Tassone Jr. founder onCORE Origination, a leading renewable energy origination team dedicated to identifying and procuring strategic locations for various types of renewable energy and battery storage projects.

Joe Tassone has over 20 years of experience directly developing more than 5,000 projects across the telecom and renewable energy industries. Prior to starting onCORE, he was the CEO of HPCW LLC, a highly specialized wireless and infrastructure consulting firm and in 2019 he co-founded ABOVEgrid.

Today he joins Tim Montague on the Clean Power Hour to discuss how the solar industry is maturing and things developers can do to be more successful. It's good for everyone involved when developers become more methodical and sophisticated about stakeholder relations. Joe highlights his vast experience in real estate and solar, how electrification of transportation and batteries are changing the grid and handling NIMByism.

Key Takeaways
1. How Joe got into Solar and Real Estate
2. The difference between his two companies, onCORE and ABOVEgrid
3. His thoughts on the solar maturation
4. Thoughts on NIMByism and opportunities for developers.
5. What makes onCORE unique from competition