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Paul Charles, CEO American Battery Factory; Scaling Lithium Iron Phosphate Production in the US #126

Welcome to the Clean Power Hour. On today’s show, we are joined by Paul Charles, CEO of American Battery Factory. American Battery Factory is developing a network of ‘safe’ lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell giga-factories in the United States to fuel stationary storage and EV batteries. They are building their flagship gigafactory in Tucson, AZ. ABF’s goal is developing a domestic battery manufacturing ecosystem that is key to making energy independence and renewable energy a reality for the United States.

Paul Charles is an international serial entrepreneur, inventor of globally commercialized technology and an experienced senior executive focused on technology and energy. Charles has structured multiple companies, investment entities and funds and co-created an energy company dealing with PEMEX and CFE. In addition, he founded one of the first portable computing peripheral companies based in Silicon Valley, Arizona and Switzerland while he developed, patented and brought to market the first universal docking station for portable computers and created the first external bay replication products and commercialized them with IBM globally.

Today, Paul joins Tim Montague to discuss some of the key differences between Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and its competition, the supply chain for these batteries, the difference between a large monolithic factory and a decentralized manufacturing location and much more. Tune in today to The Clean Power Hour!

Key Takeaways
1. Paul’s background and how he got involved with American Battery Factory.
2. What are some of the key differences between Lithium ion phosphate batteries and its competition?
3. What’s the supply chain like for the American Battery Factory batteries?
4. What’s the difference between a large monolithic factory and a decentralized manufacturing location?
5. How many gigawatt hours of production American Battery Factory has the potential of reaching in the next five years?
6. What is the demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries in North America?