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Organic Flow Batteries with Nate Kirchhofer, CEO of Biozen Batteries EP 133

Welcome to the Clean Power Hour! On today’s show, we are joined by Nate Kirchhofer, CEO of BioZen Batteries a company that makes Bio-inspired batteries for a green energy grid.

Nate Kirchhofer completed his PhD in 2016 the Materials Department at UC Santa Barbara with a focus in Physical Electrochemistry, tailoring biologically-inspired electronic reactions towards sustainable energy conversion technologies. Prior to that, he studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of Colorado (2008) and worked at the biofuels startup OPXBIO. Nate then joined Oxford Instruments Asylum Research to develop, produce, and sell advanced nano-electrochemical scanning probe microscopy techniques. Now, he is pursuing truly-sustainable, bio-inspired large-scale long-duration energy storage with BioZen Batteries.

Today Nate joins Tim Montague to discuss the energy storage landscape, why Nate thinks there is space for Organic Flow Battery, the difference between the Biozen Organice Flow Battery and Vanadium Flow Batteries, how BioZen Batteries are produced and work, the BioZen technology and their path to commercialization, Nate’s vision for the energy storage, how you can be part of the BioZen Batteries process and much more.

Key Takeaways
1. How Nate got interested in Energy Storage?
2. What the Energy Storage Industry looks like?
3. Why Nate thinks there is room for Organic Flow Battery?
4. The difference between Organic Flow Battery and Vanadium Flow Battery
5. The production process for the BioZen batteries
6. The path for Commercialization for BioZen Batteries
7. Nate’s vision for the Energy Storage landscape
8. How to be part of the BioZen Batteries process

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