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Learn Expert Insights on Solar Recycling with Kate Collardson Co-founder Solar Recycle Ep121

On this episode of the Clean Power Hour join Kate Collardson of Solar Recycle to learn how solar panel recycling can help move us towards a more circular economy. Solar Recycle is a free, online platform that connects solar professionals, recyclers and waste management companies to promote the safe, responsible and efficient recycling of solar panels.

Through Kate's story, you'll learn about the importance of solar panel recycling in the energy transition, and how it can help us transition to a more sustainable and clean energy future. Solar panels contain valuable elements, so recycling them is a key part of creating a circular economy and avoiding potential harm to human health and the environment.

Kate explains the benefits of Solar Recycle including the ability to track solar panel recycling, and keeping solar panels out of landfills and reduce electronic waste.

As Kate shares her expertise, we learn the importance of reusing solar panel materials to create a more sustainable energy system, and how this circular economy model can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Join us on the Clean Power Hour with Tim Montague for this enlightening look at solar panel recycling and the energy transition, and learn how you can be part of the solution.

This video is a must watch for anyone interested in the circular economy, cradle to cradle, solar panel recycling, energy transition, clean energy, landfills, and electronic waste. Don't miss out! Watch now to learn more about solar panel recycling with Kate Collardson of Solar Recycle.

Key Takeaways
1. When and how Kate joined the solar industry?
2. What is the state of the United States when it comes to solar panel recycling and take back policies?
3. What policies are different US states working to promote solar recycling?
4. Kate’s thoughts on what is happening currently in regards to solar recycling?
5. How the industry can support solar recycling?