Speeding the Energy Transition

Helping Solar Installers Grow Exponentially with Kiya Segni, CEO of Aduu Solar Engineering #EP 114

Our guest today is Kiya Segni, the founder and CEO of Aduu Solar Engineering. Aduu solar provides exceptional solar construction permit plansets within fast turn around and quality workmanship.

Contact Kiya at www.aduusolar.com for a free consultation. Enter "BHON1ZA" in the "Have a coupon?" field to get 25% off your first order!

We're tripling the solar industry in the next five years, so speed is vital for the installers and EPCs that form the backbone of the solar industry. Enter Aduu Solar Engineering with their quick turn around, white glove concierge service that allows installers to focus on what they do best, rolling trucks and crews as fast as they can, installing gigawatts of distributed solar that is cleaning the grid one rooftop at a time.

Kiya Segni, co-founder and CEO, parlayed his career in cybersecurity at the Dept of Defense into founding and growing a small solar engineering and design firm. Aduu has carved out a customer base in residential solar by offering 24-hr turn around, high quality construction plansets that get his customer's projects permitted the first time, every time.

Kiya came to the US as a recent high school graduate and his years of catholic school in Ethiopia paid off. While much of his youth in rural Africa was spent chopping wood and carrying water, it was his sharp mind and passion for technology that propelled him towards a future in the United States.

When he graduated high school with honors he relocated to the US, following his father who had settled in the Washington DC area as a political refugee. Kiya was soon accepted and got a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland and shortly thereafter went to work at the DOD. But his heart was in clean energy and the energy transition would not wait.

Ten years after he moved to the US he established Aduu Solar with his friend and fellow Ethiopian, Waqgari Regassa, a software engineering graduate from George Mason University. The two had become fast friends in the DC area and shared a passion for sustainability and technology.

Kiya Segni moved to the United States aged 18 from his home country Ethiopia due to political tensions. He joined college to study Electrical engineering and that was when he got introduced to the solar industry. He got an internship in a solar company and got to work for them for sometime when he learnt how to do PV designs. After sometime he quit his job there to start his own company, Aduu Solar and Engineering.

In this episode of the Clean Power Hour, Kiya joins Tim Montague to discuss his background, why and when he started Aduu solar, the experience of a start up company in the solar industry and much more.

Key Takeaways
1. What is Kiya’s background
2. How he and his partner started Aduu solar and Engineering?
3. What the experience is for a start up solar company
4. What is Aduu solar business model?
5. How do they ensure customer satisfaction?
6. How does Aduu solar ensure their projects adhere to states and the AHJ requirements?
7. How does the future look like for Aduu solar in the greater scale of the Clean Energy transition?