Speeding the Energy Transition

Growing Residential and Commercial Solar Markets with Eric Peterman, CEO, GRNE Solar Ep.110

The growth of the solar industry depends on contractors, EPCs and developers who are bringing residential and commercial solar to scale across the US. GRNE solar is one such solar EPC, founded in Chicago and recently acquired by financial services company Nelnet.

On this episode of the Clean Power Hour we bring you Eric Peterman the founder and CEO of GRNE - a residential and commercial EPC working across five midwestern states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska) and soon many more.

We discuss the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and growth of solar plus storage in Illinois with incentives like CEJA (Climate & Equitable Jobs Act).

This interview will be of interest to energy professionals, facility owners, and entrepreneurs - the journey that Eric is taking GRNE on is truly inspiring.

Key Takeaways
1. Why and when Eric Peterman got into the solar industry
2. How GRNE Solar functions as an EPC, Commercial, and Residential solar installer
3. Their new partnership with Nelnet Investment and how this unlocks market growth
4. His thoughts on the IRA the Colorado Solar Market
5. Why you should join the solar revolution
6. His view on solar and battery storage (Illinois has a $250/kWh incentive)

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