Speeding the Energy Transition

Decarbonizing Thermal Energy Storage for Industrial and Grid Applications with Nir Brenmiller #116

Decarbonizing thermal heat for industrial and grid applications is a herculean and important task. A handful of companies are tackling this including our guest today Brenmiller Energy. Avi Brenmiller, his two sons Nir Brenmiller and Doron Brenmiller and a team of energy and engineering experts are bringing sustainable thermal energy storage solutions to heavy industry and peaker power plant applications. They have developed a patented thermal energy storage​ technology based on storing heat using crushed volcanic rocks.

Our guest today is Nir Brenmiller, COO of Brenmiller Energy and he brings years of experience in thermal and renewable energy solutions. We discuss their energy storage technology, what Brenmiller energy is all about and how they got into the renewables industry.

Key Takeaways
1. Who is Nir Brenmiller?
2. What does Brenmiller technology entail?
3. Their patented high-temperature thermal energy storage unit stored in solid state material [crushed rocks]
4. Their new contract with Fortlev manufacturing
5. Applications in industrial and grid energy storage
6. The future of Thermal energy storage for long term energy storage
7. How Brenmiller Technology can solve the carbon problem?