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Community Solar in California and Beyond with Kelly Roache of Renewable Properties EP 132

Welcome to the Clean Power Hour! On today’s show, we are joined by Kelly Roache, Director of Policy & Community Solar at Renewable Properties. Renewable properties is a team of solar project developers working on community solar and utility scale solar development in the 1-20 megawatt range.

Kelly Roache is the Director of Policy & Community Solar for Renewable Properties. Kelly’s responsibilities include identifying, monitoring, and entering key energy markets across the US, as well as, executing and managing Renewable Properties’ community solar strategy.

Kelly has been in the renewable energy space for seven years and joined Renewable Properties in 2021. Prior to joining the team, she worked as the Director of Inclusion for Solstice Initiative where she led policy efforts, financial innovation, and pilot projects to increase low-to-moderate income access to community solar, in collaboration with solar developer, finance, governmental, utility, and community partners.

Kelly also worked as a Research and Communications Specialist for the Energy and Policy Institute where she exposed attacks on renewable energy and countered misinformation by fossil fuel and utility interests. She earned both her Bachelor of Arts cum laude and Master in Public Affairs from Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs.

Today Kelly joins Tim Montague to talk about her extensive background in Clean Energy, her responsibilities at Renewable Properties, why California has struggled with Community Solar, the story around AB 2316 the new California Solar Bill, the future of community solar and how it can be improved upon and much more.

Key Takeaways
1. Kelly Roache’s background in Clean Energy, position and role at Renewable Properties
2. Why California has struggled with Community Solar
3. The AB 2316 California Solar Bill
4. Importance of storage when it comes to community solar and solar in general
5. What makes the New York solar market different from other markets in the US
6. The future of community solar and how can it be improved upon