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Clean Battery Manufacturing with Tom Jensen, CEO of Freyr Battery EP 130

Welcome to the Clean Power Hour! On today’s show, we are joined by Tom Jensen, CEO Freyr Battery, a company offering a clean Nordic solution to the rapidly growing global demand for high-density and cost-competitive battery cells for stationary energy storage (ESS), electric mobility, and marine applications.

Mr. Jensen has been in the sustainability space for over 15 years working on scaling disruptive technology with a core focus on renewable energy. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of FREYR. But prior to and concurrently with FREYR, Mr. Jensen served as the Co-Founder and Partner of EDGE Global LLC and most recently as Partner and Senior Advisor at SYSTEMIQ Ltd.

In 2017, a friend introduced the idea of establishing Gigafactories of battery cell manufacturing in Norway and that is how he started the journey to where he is now. Today Mr. Jensen joins Tim Montague to talk about his journey to clean and cost competitive battery production, Freyr’s business model, their collaboration with 24M, who their target customers are and much more.

Key Takeaways
1. Mr. Jensen’s journey in the solar industry
2. Freyr’s journey to producing clean and cost competitive battery
3. Freyr’s business model
4. Freyr’s collaboration with 24M technologies
5. Their plans to build a gigafactory in Georgia in the southeastern US.