Speeding the Energy Transition

Beyond the Carbon Impact of Clean Energy: Human Health, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

What if you could measure the full benefits of your wind, solar and battery storage projects and see beyond C02 emissions reductions? When you take into account additional benefits of decarbonizing the economy and count human health and wellbeing, ecosystem services and biodiversity impacts, you see much greater value. Now project developers, asset owners and off takers can add these dimensions to their initiatives with a platform called Quantum EC.

The positive impacts of decarbonization go way beyond ppm… we're literally saving human lives, reducing suffering and creating more resilient ecosystems.

Quantum Energy and Consultants is a software and consulting firm in the energy industry focused on bringing impact analytics to all energy decisions. These analytics enable corporations to plan and finance the future of energy with a TotalView of their initiatives' economic, environmental, and health costs/benefits while improving the economy and quality of life.

Dr. Daniel Howard is the CEO of Quantum EC. He has a Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Engineering and is passionate about preserving the environment. He was previously a research fellow for the National Science Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In this episode, Dr. Howard joined Tim Montague to discuss how the Quantum EC platform works and why you will want to dig deeper on this wholistic life cycle approach to clean energy infrastructure.

Key Takeaways
1. How he got involved in energy and environment?
2. Why he created Quantum EC?
3. How does the Quantum EC technology work?
4. The benefits and impacts of acquiring the Quantum EC platform.
5. What it takes to be a client, and how much that will cost you
6. What is the feedback from previous clients on their technology?
7. What is in store for the future of Quantum EC?