Speeding the Energy Transition

Barklie Estes, President of Nova Solar| A Culture of Quality in Residential Solar | #81

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Solar is a want, not a need.

For that reason, solar contractors must find a way to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, delivering excellent customer service and making each install as efficient as possible.

So, what can a residential solar company do to promote a culture of quality and ownership among its employees?

Barklie Estes is President of Nova Solar, Inc., a residential solar company out of DC, Maryland and Virginia. With 15-plus years of experience in solar technologies and installations, Barklie's team is on a mission to create sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions in their communities.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Barklie joins Tim to explain what makes installing solar an inherently difficult job, and how he works to make his employees' lives easier.

Barklie discusses why ALL Nova Solar employees spend time in the field (himself included) and how a focus on efficiency allows his team of 9 to do 180 installs per year.

Listen in for insight around the mounting and racking technologies Barklie prefers and learn how consumers benefit from the commitment to quality and collaborative culture at Nova Solar.

Key Takeaways

What the residential solar market is like in the DC, Maryland and Virginia corridor
Why Barklie's team leads with savings when they sell residential solar
How Nova works with Solar United Neighbors of Virginia to promote solar-friendly legislation
The 2 key differentiators that set Nova Solar apart from its competitors
Why Barklie still does 2 or 3 installs a month as president of the company
What makes installing solar an inherently difficult job and how Barklie makes his employees' lives easier
Why ALL Nova Solar employees spend time in the field and how Barklie sets expectations when onboarding new team members
How a focus on efficiency allows Barklie's team of 9 to do 180 installs/year
How Barklie thinks about the soft costs of solar permitting and why it will be challenging but not impossible to get below $1/watt for solar in the US
How Nova Solar navigates the challenges of working with so many different jurisdictions and what state legislatures can do to promote standardization
Barklie's response to consumers who are nervous about their roof being compromised by solar
What mounting and racking technologies Barklie's team uses at Nova Solar