Speeding the Energy Transition

Antonia Ginsberg-Klemmt President of GismoPower | Solar Carports for Middle-Income Americans #100

Even if they want to go solar, most middle-income Americans can’t afford it. Or maybe they rent or move frequently and can’t take rooftop solar with them when they go.

And those who live in areas with frequent natural disasters worry about the cost of replacing solar panels that get damaged or destroyed.

But what if solar energy was both inexpensive and portable? What if you could fold up your system and either store it safely or take it with you during a hurricane or wildfire?

Antonia Ginsberg-Klemmt is Cofounder and President of GismoPower, a company building portable solar carports for lower- and moderate-income prosumers.

Antonia is a 21-year-old physics and environmental studies major at New College of Florida and OZY Genius award winner. And her startup’s first product, the mobile electricity-generating appliance or MEGA, won the 2022 American-Made Solar Prize and is an SBIR grant recipient.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Antonia joins Tim to discuss GismoPower’s mission to make solar mobile and more accessible to the general public, describing how the MEGA folds into a box that can be stored in your garage.

Antonia explains GismoPower’s partnership with Maxout Renewables, exploring how their Evergrid powers the MEGA in emergency situations—without a battery.

Listen in for insight around the permitting process for MEGA users and find out where to go to see a working prototype of Antonia’s innovative mobile solar carport.

Key Takeaways

How Antonia and her dad got the idea for a portable solar carport during the pandemic

GismoPower’s mission to make solar mobile and more accessible to the general public

Some of the awards Antonia has won for the MEGA (mobile electricity-generating appliance)

How the Evergrid powers the MEGA in emergency situations without a battery

The challenges of securing permitting for the MEGA from local governments and utilities

How the MEGA plugs into a 240-volt outlet and is being UL certified as an appliance

How the MEGA folds into a box and can be stored in a garage in high-wind events

The MEGA’s 1,000-pound weight and why it comes with optional ground mounts

The idea Antonia is developing for a mobile solar system that powers music festivals

How bifacial solar panels increase the efficiency of GismoPower’s portable carport by 10%

Where to go to see GismoPower’s working prototypes of its mobile solar carport