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Adam Rauwerdink, Boston Metal: Low Carbon Steel EP 127

Welcome to the Clean Power Hour. Today we are joined by Adam Rauwerdink, SVP Business Development at Boston Metal. Boston Metal is using innovative technology to decarbonize the manufacture of steel, with their technology on track to reach commercialization by 2026.

Adam has spent the last decade leading global business development for new technologies in the energy industry. Prior to Boston Metal, he was VP of Business Development at SustainX where he led first market partnerships in Korea and Japan, and raised over $20M in equity from GE, Rockport, Polaris, and others. He also led sales at Vionx Energy, a vanadium flow battery company, where he developed multi-MW projects in partnership with Siemens and Starwood Energy.

Today Adam joins Tim Montague to discuss Boston Metal’s innovative technology for decarbonizing steel manufacturing, and how they measure the cost of steel manufacture, the resources and industry incentives necessary to bring green steel to market, and the impact it will have on the global steel industry. Additionally, Adam discusses the importance of sustainability initiatives for companies in the energy and manufacturing sectors and how Boston Metal’s technology is poised to have a major impact on the global economy. Tune in to learn more!

Key Takeaways.
1. How To convert iron oxide into iron?
2. Boston Metal's technology for decarbonizing steel manufacturing and why is the runway so long?
3. How to measure the cost of manufacturing steel?
4. How does Adam see the Energy landscape?
5. What the response is from manufacturers to Boston Metal’s technology
6. The state of Energy in the US