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3-Phase String Inverters - Workhorses of The Solar Industry with Bryan Wagner, CPS America #EP 113

Three-phase string inverters are the workhorses of distributed solar projects. CPS America is the market-leading manufacturer of commercial and utility string inverters with over 10,000 operating sites in North America. Their 125 kW product is extremely popular in community solar and now they are launching 250 and 275 kW products ideal for 5 to 150 MW projects.

CPS America is the maker of North America’s number one 3-phase string inverter, with over 6GW shipped in the US. They recently released their flagship product the, 250/275kW inverter, designed for solar sites from 2 MW to 2 GW. The 200kW/200kVA high-power CPS three-phase energy storage inverter is designed for commercial and utility-scale grid-tied energy storage systems.

In this episode of the Clean Power Hour, Bryan Wagner, the President of CPS America, joins Tim Montague to discuss their new flagship inverter technology, what makes their product so popular, their out-of-the-box monitoring system, and much more.

Bryan Wagner has been in the renewable energy industry since 2008. He started in the O&M industry before transitioning to inverters.

Key Takeaways
1. How did Bryan get into solar?
2. When and how did he join CPS America
3. What makes the CPS America system so popular?
4. What differentiates the CPS America system from the competition?
5. What are the Advantages of their 275kW three-string inverter?
6. What is the difference between string inverters and central inverters?
7. What are the advantages of string inverters over central competitor inverters?
8. How does CPS America’s monitoring technology work? And how is it compared to the competition?