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March 29, 2022

Veronika Wright, EV Battery Expert | The Drive to Electric Ep.79

Veronika Wright, EV Battery Expert | The Drive to Electric Ep.79
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Transportation is responsible for 30% of our global carbon footprint. And it's 2/3 more efficient to drive electric vehicles than to burn gasoline. 

But the US still lags far behind China and the EU when it comes to EV adoption. 

So, what do prosumers and energy professionals need to know about furthering the electrification of transportation--in the US and beyond? 

Dr. Veronika Wright is the EV battery expert behind Electrified Veronika, a consulting business that supports auto and battery manufacturers in the pursuit of clean transportation. She is also the author of the groundbreaking book, The Drive to Electric: How Innovative Minds Are Shaping Our Future

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Veronika joins Tim to discuss the resistance toward EV adoption in the US, describing the common misconceptions around electric vehicles and how batteries can be recycled or repurposed in a circular economy. 

Veronika walks us through the pros and cons of several different EV battery models and considers the challenge of coaxing the industry toward standardization. 

Listen in for Veronika's insight on the race to scale the manufacturing of EVs and learn the ins and outs of the current 'drive to electric.' 

Key Takeaways

How Veronika got interested in batteries and the electrification of transportation 

Why the US lags behind China and the EU in terms of EV adoption 

Veronica's work around predicting the lifetime of an EV battery 

The misconceptions around EV batteries depleting the lithium supply 

How batteries can be recycled and repurposed in a circular economy 

The pros and cons of structural battery packs and battery swapping solutions (and why Veronika is a fan of modular batteries) 

The challenge of coaxing the EV industry toward standardization 

How EV charging from the road works and the pilot programs in Detroit and Sweden 

The creative new business models combining EVs with the clean energy market

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