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Aug. 27, 2021

US Moves to Reduce Emissions by 45% | Corporates Going Solar | Robotic Ships | CPH E57

US Moves to Reduce Emissions by 45% | Corporates Going Solar | Robotic Ships | CPH E57
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Clean Power Hour E57
Aug 27, 2021 with Tim Montague and John Weaver
Corporates are going hard after renewable energy but hourly energy tracking is necessary 
Robotic Electric Ships are taking on cargo shipping 
Used Solar Panels Are Powering the Developing World
The US moves towards 45% emissions reduction by 2030

Reconciliation bill moving forward - this will hopefully contain direct pay 30%/ten year/ITC extension

Here's the chart Schumer's office sent out on how they'd get to this 45% emissions reduction number. The vast, vast majority comes from reconciliation and a Clean Electricity Payment Program (a CES) + clean energy tax incentives for wind, solar & other renewables.

Robot Ships - pure electric - are the future of cargo shipping
Yara Birkeland could be the future of
cargo vessels(cool photo of wind powered vessel in that link)

Companies and cities are taking the lead on clean energy purchases. When will market rules catch up? From Canary Media / Jeff St. John

Used Solar Panels Are Powering the Developing World

Energy Storage integrator FlexGen raises US$150m equity investment (Yann Brandt will be joining us in the coming weeks to discuss how FlexGen is making waves in the ESS space) 

EV’s were a thing 100 years ago and here’s a map! A map found on reddit of “EV charging stations in Chicago in…. wait for it: 1916”

World’s largest wind turbine under development: MingYang Launches 16 MW Offshore Wind Turbine

Perovskite solar panels being deployed - maybe the first time for a commercial installation - ‘the premiere ofsolar sun blinds, sun breakers with perovskite solar cells on the Aliplast factory facade in Lublin. We are proud to complete the first part of the project – sunblinds with over 32 m2 of perovskite solar modules.’

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