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April 28, 2021

The Machine That Builds The Machine | Clean Power Hour Ep.13

The Machine That Builds The Machine | Clean Power Hour Ep.13
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Today (Sept. 30, 2020) we break down Tesla Battery Day and cover the latest in solar and storage news: 
John Weaver Bought a Tesla Model Y!
Jigar Shah of generate capital is coming on the Solar Podcast Oct 6
Battery day recap 
“Waze” for the power grid could help unlock 500 GW of renewables
Array Technologies going public - oh yea!
Maine gets into the solar game 
Age of renewable energy majors… Orsted goes long on solar
China peaking emissions prior to 2030 means an average of ~250 GW of solar per year by 2060 
Floating wind+hydrogen
Walmart Canada orders 130 Tesla Semis, Electrek 
Hornsdale big battery by Tesla delivers record profit 

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