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April 24, 2021

Tesla Solar Breaking Price Barriers | Large Format Solar Panels | Clean Power Hour Ep.8

Tesla Solar Breaking Price Barriers | Large Format Solar Panels | Clean Power Hour Ep.8

Today on the Clean  Power Hour, Ep. 8: Sept 8, 2020
Tesla launches 2 dollar/watt solar
Solar panels are growing larger - longer and heavier
Illinois’ Governor Pritzker issues 8 Point Plan and 100% RPS

A closer look at JA Solar’s new 785/810 W panel series
According to the product sheet, the new series has dimensions of 2,219×1,765x40mm and weighs 43.5kg. Efficiency reportedly ranges from 20.1-20.8%. That is 7.3 ft x 5.8 ft - getting big. But is bigger better? 

The Solar Singularity: 2020 Update (Part 1)


Mixed signs for EV sales,


Colored panels on a building facade

Solar cells hit 33% efficiency in the lab - now that is a big number for efficiency


Record low solar PPAs coming your way via Portugal - 1.3¢/kWh - plus some bids below zerooooooo!!


Weaver reports on the Trina Vertex series of solar panels which come in bi-facial and regular


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