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May 5, 2021

Speedway Solar | Gigafactory Bonanza | Canary Media Launch | Clean Power Hour Ep.39

Speedway Solar | Gigafactory Bonanza | Canary Media Launch | Clean Power Hour Ep.39
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We launched a new segment on the Clean Power Hour today - Project of the Week. Today on the Clean Power Hour, Ep.39: 200 gigafactories are being built globally; Canary Media Launch Paying coal plants to close?; Mars helicopter is on the ground and charging; Will Tesla deliver 1M EVs in 2021? And much much more solar, storage and clean energy news with my co-host John Weaver. 

SpaceX SN11 goes BOOM, and then flying chunks of metal

200 Gigafactories totalling 3.4 TWh/year of manufacturing capacity

Canary Media Launches 

Speedway solar, project of the week: Project of the week - Speedway Solar near Joliet IL - 3 MW DC / 2 MW AC SAT with CES and SRE 

List of electric cars from 1907

Mars solar powered helicopter moving along, on the ground officially, ‘takeoff is now slated for no earlier than April 11, with data arriving on Earth on April 12‘.

Caterpillar unveils an all-electric 26-ton excavator with a giant 300 kWh battery pack

Pickup truck covered with solar panels from Meyer Burger

Today, we’re talking about a moron - ‘what happens at night?

Induction stove cooktop, ‘I cook at 400 watts, takes me ~20 minutes, at 22¢/kWh - that's 2.67¢ of electricity per meal’ - did the math wrong here, because I used 20¢/kWh (but close enough)

Germany & Kansas paying coal plants to close

Tesla is gonna pump a million cars this year. Q1 times 4 is 740k units. Q1 times 4 with 20% quarterly growth is 993k units.

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