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July 12, 2021

SpaceX Super Heavy Booster Rolls | Do Engineers Dream of Panel Efficiency? | Clean Power Hour Ep.51

SpaceX Super Heavy Booster Rolls | Do Engineers Dream of Panel Efficiency? | Clean Power Hour Ep.51
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Superheavy booster, the giant Spacex rocket rolls out at Starbase Texas in Boca Chica
World’s Largest floating wind farm takes shape
Japan signs deal for thirty 10 MW powers plants including battery storage and hydrogen plants
And...Do engineers dream of solar panel efficiency? John’s not an engineer but he should have been one...this and much much more clean energy news for today July 9, 2021 (Ep.51)

Japan is developing 30 projects that match each other - 10 MW solar+10 MWh lithium ion+ 30 MWh hydrogen - hydrogen/lithium will smooth the grid and possibly be exported as well

SpaceX rolls out their Superheavy Booster to the pad in Texas

My article: Do engineers dream of solar panel efficiency? March to perovskite+silicon tandem solar cells

Project of the Week - Woodland Elementary 792 kW; (2,064) Talesun TP672M-385W modules; APA Advanced Modular fixed-tilt racking; (11) Yaskawa PVI-60TL inverters; photo

World’s newest ‘largest’ - 50 MW - floating wind farm installs final unit - of a 2 MW Vestas turbine, which has been operating since October 2018, and five 9.5 MW Vestas turbines; Once it’s live, the 50 MW Kincardine project, which was developed by the Madrid-headquartered Cobra Group, will be the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm, with six turbines

And speaking of wind, maybe a nuanced wind policy for Maine? Governor bans all offshore wind within three miles to leave for fisherman, but I think that’s ok for offshore wind - Vibrant Energy says they don’t model offshore wind within 6 km anyway

Ocean on serious - last story!

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