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Oct. 18, 2022

Solar Thermal for Institutional and Industrial Applications with Matt Lensink, EP 109

Solar Thermal for Institutional and Industrial Applications with Matt Lensink, EP 109

Industrial heat is a major source of carbon emissions and there is an emerging ecosystem of next-generation solar thermal technologies targeting this sector. Phoenix Solar Thermal is one such company. Their single-axis tracker concentrating solar collectors produce high temperatures, providing heat and steam to replace fossil fuel. They are initially targeting university campuses (combined heat and power), breweries, and food processing, and then secondarily pulp and paper, and mining and mineral extraction industries. 

Matt Lensink is the founder of Phoenix Solar Thermal and CEO of CEM engineering in Ontario Canada. Phoenix Solar Thermal has a North American exclusive license to sell Absolicon technology from Sweden. CEM Engineering helps industrial customers identify and implement the best technology-based solution to reduce natural gas, electricity, and water consumption. 

Matt Lensink has over 15 years of experience in power generation, combined heat and power (chp), and biogas. Matt and Lisa Katz, the Director of Business Development & Marketing at CEM Engineering, host a popular renewable energy podcast, the Energy Radio Podcast.

They joined us on the Clean Power Hour previously to talk about how we can accelerate the decarbonization of thermal energy, why it’s crucial to clean up thermal power, and how CEM is evolving into the renewable energy space. 

In this episode of the Clean Power Hour, Matt joins Tim Montague to discuss their new tracker technology from ABSOLICON, their go-to-market strategy and how solar is decarbonizing industrial heat applications.

Key Takeaways

Their new Absolicon solar thermal tracker technology

How much of the thermal load can they reduce with solar thermal collectors 

How they are tackling the price spike of natural gas

What a success story for a Phoenix Solar Thermal installation looks like

Who is Phoenix Solar Thermal's target audience 

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