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Nov. 9, 2021

Solar Energy Auctions with eRENEWABLE CEO - Mike Nemer

Solar Energy Auctions with eRENEWABLE CEO - Mike Nemer
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#59: Mike Nemer is the President and CEO at eRENEWABLE LLC, podcaster, energy expert, advisor, speaker, and more!

Mike Nemer has developed a live auction platform for solar, wind and battery storage project PPAs, the sale of portfolio assets, and other clean energy RFP applications. If you’re a developer looking to issue an RFP for a PPA or EPC contract, the eRenewable platform gives you an efficient forward or reverse auction that will be gratifying for you and your group of bidders. If you’re an off-taker or utility looking to purchase clean power in quantity then you can participate in live auctions and see real time what the ‘market can bear’ The days of clunky and closed RFPs are over. Live auctions take 45 minutes. They allow bidders to best the winning bid thereby providing optimal value for the host of the bid. Hosts select from the winning bidders but not necessarily the high or low bid

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