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May 10, 2022

Sean White, Master Solar PV Trainer | Training Solar Professionals for Next “Solar Coaster” Climb Ep.85

Sean White, Master Solar PV Trainer | Training Solar Professionals for Next “Solar Coaster” Climb Ep.85

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As innovation in solar chugs along and consumer perception climbs and falls, one thing is true.  New terminology – with accompanying acronyms – appears almost daily right now in solar industry.  From “solar economics” to “virtual power plants (VPP) ” to “frequency regulation” and “vehicle to grid (V2G),” these terms are the future of solar.  And solar is climbing high.

Sean White is an award-winning solar photovoltaic (PV) professor, master trainer, solar contractor and author of several books, including Solar Photovoltaic Basics, Solar PV Engineering and Installation, PV Technical Sales, PV and the NEC and Energy Storage Basics.  

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Sean joins Tim to talk about important milestones in the history of solar technology from its inception in the 1950’s to its maturity today.  They discuss solar energy storage, bidirectional car batteries, self-consumption systems, V2G, VPPs, getting to cash positive, plus details on important upcoming industry conferences.

Listen in to bring that expertise to the forefront to tackle any business challenge, hire new talent, acquire new business and so much more.

Key Takeaways

Milestones in PV cell development from its invention in 1954 to one gigawatt installed worldwide in 2000 to one terawatt installed worldwide in 2022 

How the price adoption curve has played a major role in the solar industry

How battery size and availability introduce the new frontier of solar: “solar plus storage” 

Why California has half of solar energy production and its likely status-change to a “self-consumption system” in the very near future

Sean’s predicted boom of self-consumption systems and how the “price is right” for bidirectional batteries in electric vehicles 

The essential missing piece that is the main barrier to V2G technology

Which mainstream car company is actively working on a V2G-ready car

How solar energy will become economical in 5-10 years

Why energy storage can assist with “frequency regulation” (injecting extra power into the grid or holding back when necessary)

How the “solar coaster” came to be and why solar could be the next massive money-maker

How utilities pushing back sends consumers migrating off grid

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