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May 3, 2022

Scott Nguyen, CEO of Bodhi | Faster Solar Adoption via Improved Customer Experience Ep.84

Scott Nguyen, CEO of Bodhi | Faster Solar Adoption via Improved Customer Experience Ep.84

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What happens when a home solar install company lacks a smooth interface between the business operations, their staff and the homeowner?  A missed opportunity for more happy customers, referrals and mass adoption of solar.

When customers receive just the right amount of intel from their solar system in one polished platform, user experience vastly improves.  Even more, the installer’s customer support costs fall while referrals, good reviews and add-on projects ramp up!

Scott Nguyen is the CEO of Bodhi, a software company founded in 2019 that empowers solar companies to deliver amazing customer experiences.  After an underwhelming experience with his own home’s solar panel installation, Scott recognized a gap in the business model.  Important parts of the process were missing.  The ease of UI needed a reboot.  Performance monitoring was a mess.  

Listen in to hear how Scott and Bodhi are delivering real value to solar companies and transforming how customers interface with their installers, making it easier for all parties to sustain a positive, lucrative relationship well beyond the life of their first panels.  The opportunities to improve the product were many, and Bodhi answered the call.  And their results are streaming in like a ray of innovation.  

Key Takeaways

How Scott conceived the idea for better CRM in solar and his take on the expertise missing from current-day solar installations

How consumer experience on other platforms, such as streaming, shapes expectations elsewhere

How adding Bodhi to an installer’s slate of services fulfills the “software stack” principle in business

Why high consumer expectations will be the driver of true mass adoption of solar

Evidence of how automating repetitious processes using Bodhi reduces customer acquisition costs by 20% and CRM by 20-50%

Details on Bodhi’s project lifecycle: a kickoff, consults and a customizable product in a month’s time

Why there is blatant missed revenue with the existing installation model to “set it and forget it”

How Bodhi can boost referrals, good reviews and follow-on projects, e.g. batteries or incorporating new tech

How Bodhi’s software eliminates false low performance alerts and recognizes the impacts of extreme weather

Why keeping a customer educated and apprised of project status without spamming them is such a valuable service

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