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July 12, 2021

Rooftop Solar Has Powerful Enemies | Clean Power Hour Ep.50 (Anniversary edition!)

Rooftop Solar Has Powerful Enemies | Clean Power Hour Ep.50 (Anniversary edition!)

Today on the Clean Power Hour Episode 50! Celebrating a year of CPH with John Weaver: Rooftop solar being blocked by powerful lobby groups including EEI (Edison Electric Institute); Update on the new solar iROSA at ISS; #Tesla signs deal with new home builder to outfit whole community with Solar Roof, Powerwall, and EV chargers; Sin City is going solar, thanks to MGM Resorts International ($MGM), who just launched a new 100-megawatt (MW) solar array; Tata power energizes country's largest carport (6.2 MW); Jinko working on 30% efficient hybrid solar cell; Resi flow battery manufacturer coming to America and much more clean energy transition news. 
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The electric utility anti-rooftop solar playbook: Blocking Rooftop Solar, includes seven case studies from around the nation exposing the specific actions taken, which sometimes were illegal, and quite often were manipulative.

Tesla signs deal with new home builder to outfit whole community with solar, Powerwall, and chargers

Sin City is going solar, thanks to MGM Resorts introduces 100-megawatt solar array to power 13 hotels on Las Vegas Strip

Tata power energizes country's largest carport, 6. 2 mw 30k square meters, 7.4 acres; Notably This carport in an addition to the list of Tata Power’s previous large solar solutions including the world’s largest rooftop (16MW) at a single location at Radhasoami Satsang

1366 Technologies (kerfless solar cell manufacturer) expanding into India, merges with perovskite company

Video of ISS solar installation:
Unpacking the iROSA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV55gceKAxs (iROSA repowers the ISS and is a test best for Artemis Gateway the NASA space station that is going to orbit the moon to support the moonbase); 6 wings, 
https://twitter.com/Thom_astro/status/1408064975428415500 (this is good but vid is too low quality)

Power grid failure in California that WASN’T - CAISO california battery reponse

Small solar being deployed in war zones to keep life going

Just a cool number - “70% of US commercial buildings with at least 10,000 square feet of roof space do not have solar installations which adds up to over 600,000 sites and 145 GW of total capacity”

JinkoSolar references their 30%+ perovskite cell

Flow battery company raising cash, hoping to move to the USA

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