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April 24, 2021

Rooftop Solar | FERC | E-Waste | Coal Decline | Clean Power Hour Ep.3

Rooftop Solar | FERC | E-Waste | Coal Decline | Clean Power Hour Ep.3
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Today on the Clean Power Hour this week we talk about: 1)We tour one of John's rooftop commercial solar projects; 2)FERC Order 841 and battery storage regulations; an investors view of a solar stock (Ameresco); 3)the growing problem of E-waste as the solar panel avalanche continues to grow. 4)Coal power plants are old and getting older and this is why so many of them are being retired ( 5)Michigan’s largest solar project - 1900 acre, $250 million dollar, Assembly Solar Project developed by Ranger Power is 20% complete (the 239 MW project is the largest in Michigan to date). 

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