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April 28, 2021

Rolling Blackouts in CA | Rewiring America | Clean Power Hour Ep.7 | Montague & Weaver

Rolling Blackouts in CA | Rewiring America | Clean Power Hour Ep.7 | Montague & Weaver
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Clean Power Hour with Tim Montague & John Weaver
Ep. 7 - published Sept 1, 2020
**Rolling Blackouts in CA due to extreme heat wave… necessary or evil

**Rewiring America: A positive, comprehensive, and inclusive vision for a better future. Tech entrepreneurs Saul Griffith with Sam Calish and Laura Fraser have created a ‘Field Manual for the Climate Fight’ which is a guide to decarbonizing the entire US economy. It has a sister Jobs Report: Mobilizing for a zero carbon America: 
Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Shout out to the Energy Gang @jigar shah @stephen lacey @katherine hamilton for covering the story (The Economic Case for Electrifying Everything) | 

**Using a helicopter to get hardware onto the roof -
“a cost benefit analysis was made and the helicopter scenario ended up being not only competitive but also enabled the whole system to be lifted to all 12 sub roofs (and various mechanical plant decks) within the space of eight hours. Hartley estimated the same undertaking with cranes would have taken more than three days, and caused “extensive traffic management, and thus increase disruption to the public and staff.”

**LS Power Energizes Largest Battery Storage Project in the World, The 250 MW Gateway Project in California - will be 250/250 MWh by end of month, and 250/750 by next summer, before expanding - potentially and eventually - toward 250/2000 MWh. | (link to press release with cool time lapse video)

**Regular article on bifacial that gives out two interesting pieces of information - first the cart shown here. Bifacial is almost equal in price to standard modules. And second, this author sees up to a 39% bifacial boost in optimized conditions. I’ve never seen a number that high.

**Article working on right now - Tesla energy has released a research paper - “Diagnosing and correcting anode-free cell failure via electrolyte and morphological analysis” Imagine if we could get twice the energy from EV batteries than today. It would transform transportation. That’s what the Tesla Skunworks is up to. -

How the Energy Storage Industry Responded to the Arizona Battery Fire… 
We  discussed on Ep. 4. 
Greentech Media News: How the Energy Storage Industry Responded to the Arizona Battery Fire. 
Ojjo (  takes on utility scale tracker foundation market. 30 GW of runway under contract in utility market nationally |

SPI Goes Virtual
Solar Power Events says SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week 2020 will be completely virtual. The leading solar industry trade show exhibit and networking event has gone 100% virtual thanks to the Coronovirus epidemic. It’s a good thing and if you want to mix and mingle with the movers and shakers of solar, join the fray! ----
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