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Feb. 1, 2022

Martin Pochtaruk of Heliene Solar on Speeding the Energy Transition Ep.71

Martin Pochtaruk of Heliene Solar on Speeding the Energy Transition Ep.71
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Why would a solar panel manufacturing company put time and energy into innovating for niche markets? What are the benefits of developing products for very specific applications like greenhouses, satellites or power-generating building facades?

Martin Pochtaruk is the President and CEO of Heliene, a customer-first provider of North American-made solar panels serving the utility-scale, commercial and residential markets. Martin has 30-plus years of experience managing manufacturing businesses in both Europe and the Americas, and since its founding in 2010, Heliene has been recognized as one of Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance Tier 1 Bankable PV Manufacturers—the only North American manufacturer to hold this title. 

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Martin joins Tim and John to discuss some of Heliene’s innovations in niche markets, including the greenhouse integrated photovoltaic panels and the solar modules used to power the SpaceX Starlink Satellite Project. Martin explains why more than 80% of solar products are imported from China and offers insight on the current efforts to bring solar manufacturing back to the US. Listen in for insight on the advantages of working with a local supplier like Heliene and learn how Martin thinks about innovating for niche markets with the potential to grow.

Key Takeaways

What inspired Martin to build a solar panel manufacturing company

How Heliene’s greenhouse integrated photovoltaic (GiPV) modules work

The results of Niagra College’s trial for Heliene’s GiPV solar panels

Heliene’s pilot project to develop a new product that augments usable light

Why more than 80% of solar products are imported from China 

Martin's insight on the legislation to incentivize the reshoring of solar manufacturing 

The pros and cons of import tariffs and how they impact Heliene

The need for legislation to prevent forced labor in the manufacturing of solar panels

Heliene’s work on the SpaceX Starlink Satellite Project

How much of Heliene’s business is utility/residential vs. niche markets 

How Heliene is making power-generating glass building facades

The benefit of working with Heliene

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