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Nov. 23, 2021

Infrastructure Bill and Renewables

Infrastructure Bill and Renewables
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#61: Build Back Better! There’s real money flowing into renewables

What crops grow best under solar farms? Agrivoltaics research at the University of Illinois gets us pumped!

The largest solar and storage project in the US is growing up in Cali.

The Commercial Solar Guy gives us some sweet rooftop solar from Mass.


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Here are today’s stories: 

Infrastructure Bill signed, now we’re waiting on Reconciliation Bill/Build Back Better (post-show note, the BBB bill is now signed by the house and headed to the Senate! Woo hoo!).

Daggett and Edwards Sanborn solar plus storage projects coming online and under construction. Some of the world's largest S+S

Project of the Week: 186 kWdc rooftop New Bedford, MA, built by Commercial Solar Guy

Hanwha to invest in REC Silicon to restart U.S. polysilicon production for solar

50-year solar? Here’s how the numbers may work: The DCF from a solar project’s electricity generation increases by 46% when shifting the project from today’s standard 25-year lifetime to a 50-year time scale. 

Which crops pair well with solar? Illinois study aims to find out - state researching a few existing solar+food articles, they’re goal is to quantify what can be done in three weather zones with test projects

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