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May 5, 2021

High Efficiency Low Degradation Solar | Carbon Tracker Report | Clean Power Hour Ep.44

High Efficiency Low Degradation Solar | Carbon Tracker Report | Clean Power Hour Ep.44
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Today on the Clean Power Hour: 
Recap of the Meyer Burger interview (launch of their hot off the presses ultra low degradation, high performance solar mods last week);  
John Weaver answers important questions about HJT / TopCon / PERC solar PV technology; 
Land impacts of 100% Wind and Solar are TRIVIAL according to a Carbon Tracker report that Bill McKibben also reports on. Instant permits for residential solar with SolarApp And much much more clean energy and tech news.
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We open the episode with a question: Why is space exploration important for humanity? Montague submits that space is important because it brings humanity together behind a single mission - to become a space faring species. It helps us put aside the age old us vs. them tribalism and warring that has marred humanity for milenia. The ISS is a great example. 

China is building a space station. They launched the first module on April 29, 2021. Will this help or hurt humanity? The first of 11 missions necessary to complete, supply and crew the station by the end of next year.

Meyer Burger Press release that explains why they are betting on the future of their heterojunction smartwire technology is the future HJT / TopCon / PERC 

Artificial blowhole water turbine:

Carbon Tracker Report Demonstrates 100 percent wind and solar land use impacts are trivial

Bill McKibben: Renewable Energy Is Suddenly Startlingly Cheap.

Instant Permits for Resi Solar? There's a SolarApp for That

Refreshing lithium ion batteries, versus recycling

$60 carbon tax in the EU right now

25% efficiency solar cell from LONGi

Let’s grow solar! -Tim Montague, host & creator, @TGMontague on Twitter
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