Speeding the Energy Transition
Nov. 16, 2021

Gravity Batteries and Illinois Clean Energy Legislation

Gravity Batteries and Illinois Clean Energy Legislation

#60 Are Gravity Batteries the next big thing? How will Illinois' clean energy legislation impact the market?

It's all here on this week's news round up on the Clean Power Hour.

  1. Reconsilience package seems like it might be signed finally, here’s a list of key high level costs. Includes a 30% solar tax credit, direct pay. 


  1. Energy Vault gets an order - Energy Vault signed a $520 million deal to supply 1.6 GWh of energy storage to DG Fuels to produce renewable hydrogen and a variety of fuels. The 500 MW project makes energy pencils out at $325/kWh which is a premium but remember gravity works 24/7. 


  1. Project of the week: BIPV solar called DRAGON SCALES by 


The installation of a 14 MW wind turbine - one of the first in the world - weighs 500 tons and that is considered light


Rivian fire at the Normal Illinois factory, plus - Rivian is only building 1 truck per day currently


Cool (sorta) video of wind rotor and blades falling into the ocean


Vox interview with Elon Musk


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