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July 12, 2022

Etienne Lecompte, CEO of PowerHub | Asset Management Software for Renewables Ep.94

Etienne Lecompte, CEO of PowerHub | Asset Management Software for Renewables Ep.94

It’s awe-inspiring to consider that renewable energy transforms weather into electrons and then into dollars. And yet, many asset managers are still operating with spreadsheets, notebooks and post-its. 

So, how do we encourage the adoption of digital tools in the renewable energy space? And how can solar, wind and hydro operators benefit from technology like asset management software? 

Etienne Lecompte is Founder and CEO of PowerHub, a SaaS company building asset management software for the renewable energy industry, and Host of the Renewables: Unscripted podcast.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Etienne joins Tim from the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management North America 2022 Conference to discuss the evolution of PowerHub, explaining how he started the company as a consultancy but pivoted to asset management in 2013.

Etienne describes the billing and invoicing, reporting, and compliance tools in the PowerHub suite, and offers insight as to why BayWa acquired the business two years ago.

Listen in to understand what’s behind the boom-and-bust cycles of the Canadian solar industry and learn how digital tools like PowerHub can help asset managers lower cost and enhance the reliability of renewable energy.

Key Takeaways

How Etienne started PowerHub as a consultancy during the Ontario solar boom of 2011

The story behind the Canadian solar industry

Why the industry has a reputation for boom-and-bust cycles (and what we can do to fix that)

PowerHub’s pivot to asset management in 2013 

Etienne’s approach to business development in the early days of PowerHub

The billing/invoicing, reporting and compliance tools that make up the PowerHub suite

How PowerHub serves clients in the solar, wind and hydro space

What differentiates technical from commercial asset management and PowerHub’s focus on the latter

The 4 major divisions at BayWa and why the company acquired PowerHub

The value of reconnecting with colleagues at conferences like SAMNA

How Etienne’s Renewables: Unscripted podcast explores the ‘messy middle’ of growing a startup

How digital tools can help the solar industry lower cost and enhance reliability

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