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May 3, 2021

Earth Day is Elon Musk to the Moon Day | Clean Power Hour Ep.41

Earth Day is Elon Musk to the Moon Day | Clean Power Hour Ep.41
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Today on the Clean Power Hour Ep.41:
Elon Musk Beats Bezos to the Moon 
Solar Powered Robot Helicopter Flies on Mars
Solar Powered Greenhouses Sprouting Asparagus in France
HVDC Powerline Crossing North Sea - How about the Earth? 
Electricity Utilities Pushing for 80% Emissions Cut by 2030

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**HVDC powerline completed that connects German wind and Norweigen hydroelectric power, pictures inside building cool
“'623 km long; 1,400 MW capacity at ± 525 kV; Offshore: 516 km submarine cable; Onshore: 54 km underground cable (Büsum - Wilster/Schleswig-Holstein) and 53 km overhead line (Vollesfjord - Tonstad/NO)'’
Global grid:

**Video of the flight of the ingenuity

**NASA chooses SpaceX to take us to the moon again… Artemis in Elon style
Musk beats Bezos for Artemis moon lander

**Utilities pushing for 80% emissions cut by 80%

**French photovoltaic greenhouse delivers 3.1 GWh and 4 tons/hectare of asparagus in one year

Trina Vertex pitch deck, notice image at end of shipping container perfectly filled

Pennsylvania solar lease article

Largest off grid Solar n Storage 30 MW by Baywa Re

The Story of DE Shaw and Ranger Power in Michigan; Yahoo Finance: D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments Completes Financing of 79-Megawatt Assembly Solar III Project.

Cool wind turbine installation time lapse video

Wind power cost projections

A white, so white, it actually extracts heat from a structure,

Robotic solar panel installer, old video, but still shows some weird potentials. Reminds me of the 5B product from last week’s show.

US’ first battery powered train, replaces diesel trains that run on non electrified tracks

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