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May 3, 2021

Community Solar in PA | Solar Highways | Viking Solar | Clean Power Hour Ep.16

Community Solar in PA | Solar Highways | Viking Solar | Clean Power Hour Ep.16
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Community Solar is growing in Pennsylvania! Maybe
America’s highways are an significant opportunity for solar PV
The Vikings are coming for your hydro and floating solar opportunity
Tax revenue from community and utility scale solar is helping rural communities
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See Ep 132 of energy transition show re Solar forecast 

1. $4.2 million in land lease payments for current 1 GW of solar capacity in the pipeline -

2. Scatec - big solar developer - buys hydroelectric company (image the rolodex) -

3. America’s highways have significant solar potential

4. Meyer Berger in the factory video -
A corollary - list of 5 potenal large volume module manufacturers in Europe, plus this solar cell manufacturer, -

5. ‘'panels installed in Europe in 1982...One of the encapsulate recipes retained 95% of the power they had 35 years' 'printed circuit board is large sheet of foil bonded to solar cell, allows ~85% of the metal (silver) on the solar cell to be eliminated'--50 year warranty--

6. Fluence buys AMS - smarter solar plus storage - right now I’m talking with STEM on a project - below a single shipping container seems a financial challenge -

7. ‘One reason solar remains so popular in states like NC: new projects drive a nearly **2,000%** avg increase in annual tax revenue per parcel - a major new source of funding for rural, economically distressed counties to invest in local services.’

8. List of largest US solar EPCs -

9. Weekly update - Solar spot pricing -

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