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Feb. 16, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE | US Military Going Carbon Neutral | Feb. 10, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE | US Military Going Carbon Neutral | Feb. 10, 2022
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US military starts 24-7 clean electricity procurement
First real big Flow battery utility discussion
Import tariffs extended…cmon joe?
SpaceX rocket fully stacked
PV Mag reports that the US Military is doubling down on carbon-free energy

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III: “We face all kinds of threats in our line of work, but few of them truly deserve to be called existential. The climate crisis does. Climate change is making the world more unsafe and we need to act.”

Pentagon last week started soliciting contractors to learn about 24-7 clean electricity

Project of the week from Weaver - we got final approvals, starting site clearing
Form Energy working together to build what could be one of the largest batteries by storage capacity in the world:
The spaceship is atop a rocket at SpaceX

Rivian Vans
Solar panel import tariff extended for four more years, bifacials officially exempted
These seven powerlines, costing $1.8 billion, would enable 28 to 53 GW - $30 to at least $50 billion worth - of wind solar and storage to be deployed.
Opinions on polysilicon pricing - most everyone thinks pricing is falling, but the rate is what matters

Solar Canals in Cali 

The Hill: First-in-the-nation project will cover canals with solar panel canopies | TheHill.

35 GW of USA offshore wind capacity in the pipeline, and it doens’t include west or gulf coast capacity

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