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Oct. 7, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE - Sept 6, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE - Sept 6, 2022
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The Clean Power Hour live brings you the latest cleantech and clean energy news, thought leaders, and innovators. Our motto is ‘Speeding the Energy Transition!’

The podcast is available on Youtube and audio platforms like Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Each week, we bring you interviews with cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, and energy professionals writ large.

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The Clean Power Hour hosts and cleantech professionals Tim Montague and John Weaver (the Commercial Solar Guy) bring you the latest solar, wind, and energy storage news.

Here is what we discussed;
1. “Rivian activates solar canopy charging yard: Trucks will receive their first charge at the Rivian factory from renewable energy produced by the 783 kW solar parking canopy.”

2. New Chevy EV truck launch, the bed opening into the cab suggests a tented structure that can be nicely used

3. 100 MPGe or greater EV list: 17 models, there were a total of 37 unique configurations that achieved 100 MPGe or higher. The Tesla Model 3 in rear-wheel drive configuration achieved the highest rating for MY 2022 with 132 MPGe.

4. “First half of 2022- Renewables entirely met the rise in demand, so...🏭No increase in coal and gas worldwide

5. The price of electricity is going up a lot in New England due to gas pricing being very strong, the chart showing the jump

6. EIA says LNG exports are a key to the US Henry Hub spot price about doubling in 2022 compared to 2021. Record-high LNG exports are a growing source of gas demand. Since 2021, the volume of LNG exports has exceeded the gas consumed in the commercial sector

7. Coupled with the above story is that residential solar has increased a bit in price by 20-40 cents/Wdc, but the price of electricity will more than make up for that in ROI savings

8. “World’s Largest Storage-as-Transmission Project Announced by Fluence and TransnetBW to Strengthen Energy Security and Renewable Integration in Germany…reduce the need for conventional network reinforcement and operating costs…at a strategic network node…allows maximization of powerlines’

9. The IRA is going to the IRS for comments to define certain aspects - these are questions being asked via lawyers from developers

10. The price of shipping is WAY down from the covid peak - equivalent to a few pennies per kWh 

11. Republicans and Democrats both feel similarly to saving money whe

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