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Feb. 16, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE | Electrification of Everything is Truly Disruptive | Feb. 3, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE | Electrification of Everything is Truly Disruptive | Feb. 3, 2022
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The Energy Transition is Going to Require a Staggering Growth in Electrification and Enabling Technologies

Long duration energy storage procurement - more than 4 hours, up to 8, won by - surprise - lithium ion versus other sources

PA politician introduces legislation that says state must sell its RECs to fund capping oil/gas wells

Beer company capturing CO2 from the air to feed its beer carbonation

Someone thinking about building a robotic network somewhere between the moon and the earth

Some politicking - suggestions that the Biden admin will keep trump solar panel tariffs in place, but let the bifacial ones lapse

Most interesting solar panel purchase agreement I’ve seen before - 250 MW a year, 25% of Heliene’s product, but Altus also has to invest $5 million in Heliene's soon public launch

Polysilicon manufacturing technology - GCL poly, one of largest making this product, has first granular poly facility come online -  two cool data points, 15% higher gross margin, and 35% less CO2

Hydrogen electrolyzers installed going to grow 4X in 2022, thats an S Curve

And an example - 150 MW project online, world’s largest by 5X

An oil tanker burning

CO2 free lithium mining

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