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Dec. 16, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE December 15, 2022

Clean Power Hour LIVE December 15, 2022
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On the weekly clean power news and views, we bring you the latest cleantech and clean energy news,  thought leaders, and innovators. Our motto is ‘Speeding the Energy Transition!’

This week John Weaver and I discuss,
1. 10 GW of solar wafer factory plans announced - no site yet, the company says they raised $26 million recently - CubicPV
2. Solar module part fell 10% over the last week - that’s a healthy chunk, 
3. Price of residential electricity going up in Massachusetts - not going to need incentives soon
4. California politician pushing for a solar tax carport credit 
5. Visuationzation of when batteries in California charge and discharge - notice a pattern?
6. Info link says the world could install 265-300 GW of solar,


The podcast is available on YouTube and audio platforms like Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon. We bring you interviews with cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, and energy professionals weekly. 
What technologies are trending? 
Why are we excited about agrivoltaics or dual-use solar? 
What are the challenges and opportunities for renewable energy, electrification of transportation, and decarbonizing the economy? 

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The Clean Power Hour hosts and cleantech professionals Tim Montague and John Weaver (the Commercial Solar Guy) bring you the latest solar, wind, and energy storage news.

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