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July 26, 2022

Clean Energy Transition Experts - Podcaster's Roundtable | Special Edition!

Clean Energy Transition Experts - Podcaster's Roundtable | Special Edition!
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6 Powerful Cleantech Podcasters On Biden, Ukraine and the Energy Transition

Today we're sharing our fifth quarterly podcaster's roundtable, which offers a rich, one-hour discussion of energy trends, developments, challenges and opportunities. We’re joined by some impressive industry voices. These roundtables are organized and produced by my friends Mike Casey and Nico Johnson. Mike is the president and founder of Tigercomm, a cleantech public relations, marketing communications and public affairs firm, and host of ScalingClean, a podcast and blog that aim to advance the clean economy. Nico Johnson is the CEO of Suncast Media and host of Suncast podcast.

Emily Chasan, director of communications at Generate Capital, a San Francisco-based diversified, sustainable infrastructure company. She's also a co-host on Wood Mackenzie's Energy Gang podcast, a bi-weekly digest on energy, cleantech and the environment.
Gil Jenkins, vice president of corporate communications and public affairs at Hannon Armstrong. He's co-host of its Climate Positive podcast, which features conversations with people driving our climate-positive future.
Tim Montague, host of the Clean Power Hour, interviews the latest tools and technology executives in wind, solar and energy storage, plus weekly news roundup of the latest solar, wind, storage and energy transition news.
Bill Nussey, CEO and founder of the Freeing Energy Project, which aims to accelerate the shift to cleaner, cheaper energy through books, articles and a top 10 energy podcast, also called Freeing Energy.
Josh Porter, an arborist turned renewable energies enthusiast. He's the principal consultant at SolarCoaster Consulting and co-host of The Solar Coaster,a renewable energy-themed talk show broadcast every Friday from Maui, Hawaii.

We cover a lot of ground in the episode, from thoughts on the ongoing war in Ukraine and escalating attacks by pro-fossil fuel pundits. But we start with our views on the possible direction of the Biden Administration's imperiled climate agenda. 

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