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March 11, 2022

Clean Energy News LIVE - Tim Montague | Clean Power Hour LIVE Mar 3, 2022

Clean Energy News LIVE - Tim Montague | Clean Power Hour LIVE Mar 3, 2022
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Clean Power Hour LIVE with Tim Montague | March 3, 2022

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April 5-7 Oakland, CA - Solar Plaza: SAMNA Solar Asset Management North America

Jun 20-22 Minneapolis, MN -Midwest Solar Expo

Simon Moores is coming on the Clean Power Hour LIVE show next week for our LIVE on Thursdays.  Watch that interviewhere.

Elon Musk is right. We should go to Mars and spend a small percentage (~1%) of our GDP on establishing an outpost and then full-blown colony on Mars. The big rock that will snuff out life on earth yet again is somewhere out there. 

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In the clean energy news today:

The Guardian: IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdown.

Greenest Steel in America coming to Colorado powered by 300 mw solar farm

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